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Heart and Meadow

Lavender Mint Shower Steamer

Lavender Mint Shower Steamer

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Our lavender shower steamers are the perfect way to get a little "chill" without the tub. Take a moment in your morning to breathe in the the calming lavender essential oil, gently carried on a wave of menthol. Each long-lasting steamer comes in a colorful, reusable organza bag, which helps you regulate the scent and extend usage. Scent intensity can be controlled by opening/closing the pouch and adding more or less water. 

Important! Shower steamers contain menthol crystals, which can be irritating to skin and eyes. Do not use as a bath bomb. Avoid direct contact with steamer. If handled, wash hands thoroughly. See "How to Use" below for more information. 



Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Menthol Crystals, Cream of Tartar, Witch Hazel, Avocado Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil, Mica (mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide)

How to use

Remove Shower Steamer from the protective wrapper. Avoid handling the shower steamer inside - direct contact with menthol can cause a tingling sensation and/or skin irritation. Allow a bit of warm water to activate the steamer. Hang bag from faucet or shower handle. Alternatively, steamer can be placed on the shower floor or lip of the tub. Experiment with different locations to determine your favorite. For more scent, open top of bag and allow more water to activate the steamer. For less scent, close bag and move away from water source. Always use caution when entering and exiting your shower, as steamers could cause surfaces to become slippery.

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely ~ Absolutely lovely

These are absolutely lovely. Beautifully wrapped and smell amazing. I was so refreshed after my shower and my head felt clear. This is one of my absolute favorite self care pampering offerings from Heart & Meadow.

Amy Beecher
Gorgeous Shower Steamers!

I received the lavender and citrus shower steamers (super fast shipping!) and cannot wait to give them as gifts! They’re gorgeous and wrapped so beautifully! My friends are going to love these pampering treats!